If We Were Nudists…

Ok, Wayne, this one’s for you (see comment in previous post).

Imagine that we all decided to be nudists.

It would make a huge impact on the economy. Think of all the revenue that’s brought in to clothing manufacturers. It all starts with farming…cotton, wool, hemp to a degree. Then to the makers of fabrics and then clothing. And then to the stores that buy from the manufacturers. And all the employees that work in the clothing stores. That’s a lot of people out of work.

Then again, I’m sure there would be other industries that would pick up the slack. Cosmetics, plastic surgery, liposuction, laser hair removal…people would likely be more self-conscious about their bodies. Like we need that.

We also don’t have the space to be nudists. Far too many states in the US have cold winters…we’d all have to move to Florida and So. Cal. We’d all be like the birds that fly south for the winter. Many people would just go to other, warmer countries. And they probably wouldn’t be nudists there, so there would be a big clothing cost which would support foreign countries. All this would affect the industries and jobs of much of the country…most would have to shut down for a big chunk of the year. People would then have to have a winter and summer job. That could be complicated for tax purposes, both property and income. It would turn out to be too costly.

And what about tourism to the US? Especially the states that are known for winter sports. Who would run that? And who would do it?? I think the tourism would slow quite a bit. I know I wouldn’t want to go on a family vacation to a country of nudists. Yikes.

My conclusion is it just wouldn’t work out. It certainly would be bad on the economy and there’s far too many people I don’t want to have to see naked. I’d have to quit wearing my contacts and that would make my life entirely too difficult.