A Minor Miracle.

A couple days ago I woke up in a less-than-motherly mood. And my 3yr old woke up in a less-than-obedient mood. We butted heads over getting dressed and it actually took 45 minutes beginning to end. Fun, huh?

Then it was time to go on our walk. We discussed how he was supposed to behave, to sit and not try to run around. (Two days previous we battled for 3/4 of the walk…not fun. He wanted me to carry him and I tried to explain I couldn’t push the stroller and hold him. He didn’t like that so he cried, yelled, and sat on the ground. Finally I got him calmed down and we were able to finish our walk.) I didn’t want a repeat of that day. He agreed he would sit and obey, and I told him if he didn’t, we were just going to come home and he would be grounded.

We got to our destination to begin our walk and I pulled the stroller out, then my boy, and immediately he began fussing and refused to sit. I didn’t even get a chance to get the baby out.  We came home and he went to his room. I have since figured out this is not a good punishment because he happily played in his room and never asked to get out.

Anyway, I was just in a rotten mood…angry, frustrated, just quietly fuming. I emailed my husband and vented and asked him to say a prayer for me. About 5 minutes later, I was just sitting and then all of a sudden, there was peace. No more frustration, no more anger, nothing. Just pure compassion and love for my little guy. I brought him out of his room and hugged him and was in a mood to forgive and start all over again. All my patience had entirely returned. Like someone had flipped a switch.

Often it’s the parent that needs a change in attitude to make a better day, not the child that needs to change.

Later when my husband came home, I asked him if and when  he got the email. He said immediately, and I asked if he had prayed for me. He said he did, within a couple minutes. And that’s when I felt the peace came over me.

Coincidence? I don’t think so…I don’t believe in them. My husband’s (and my) prayer had been answered and Heavenly Father knew I needed help. It may seem minor to most, but to our family, it was a great display in prayers, faith and a miracle.