Horror Movies for Toddlers?

I ran across a post on a blog recently about a parent that lets their 3 year old child watch horror movies. This person went on to describe how the child now won’t eat pumpkin because it’s afraid of them. I was shocked, so I left a quick comment about those movies not being appropriate for a 3 year old. I don’t expect the writer to approve my comment but I just hope they think about it.

In the world we live in today, where bad news is everywhere, I think it’s crucial that the home be a positive place of learning and of love. I disagree with the argument “Well, they’re gonna see it, so it’s best they see it with me there so I can teach them it’s (movies, violent games) not real.” People use the same argument with alcohol or drugs…”at least they’re in the house so I know they’re safe.” That doesn’t mean it’s ok!!

Toddlers have great imaginations, which makes it more important they watch only age-appropriate movies/cartoons. They don’t know scary, fiery pumpkins don’t fly around at night…if they see it, it’s real. And it’s likely under their bed or in the closet. It’s our job as parents to give our children a secure beginning so they grow up to be sensitive, secure adults. It’s not a good thing to be hardened to the news on tv where a mother killed her child. Or animals were severly abused.  Or screaming/yelling at family members (verbal abuse).

Sensitivity is not a bad thing! How else do we help/acknowledge those that need help? I saw a video on tv recently where a pedestrian was hit by a car…a full 30 seconds went by with no one stopping to help the man or see if he was ok. I’d want that time to be a lot faster if it was me or my husband or my kids.

I’m not saying a child watching horror movies is necessarily going to make them an insensitive, heartless adult. But it does start somewhere.