Halloween Party!

Last night our church held its annual Halloween party. The traditional dinner is pot-luck chili and cornbread followed by trunk-or-treat, except it was raining so we just did the candy inside. The kids always dress up, and sometimes adults do, too. It’s always fun.

Our dd was Cleopatra, ds1 was a pirate, and the baby was a pumpkin. They were all really cute, if I do say so myself 😀

While we were out shopping for costumes Saturday, dh saw one he thought would look good on me, the Goddess of the Underworld. He thought it was fitting for some reason….??  I told him ok, but he had to dress up, too. He agreed, so he found a Dracula cape and teeth.

So, yep, he was Dracula and I was the Underworld Queen at church. One of my friends said she liked our costumes…I told her they weren’t costumes, it was our normal wear. That’s how I always look taking care of my little hellions and dh was just heading off to his evening job. (In my kids’ defense, they really are good 95% of the time.)

For trick-or-treating, 3 of us moms (all friends) just dumped our candy together and handed it out like that. It was a massive bowl!!

So all in all, it was a fun night. My chili turned out good (of course–I make a wicked chili, growing up in Texas) and the kids had fun. I’ll try to put up some costume pics tomorrow.