Our “Oh, so fun!” Weekend.

Friday started out good…Dh took me out to lunch at my fave restaurant. Then we had plans to get new blinds for our dd’s room (the one we redid). But we must have miscalculated the time because when we were done with lunch, I realized I had to rush to get to dd’s school. They were having their Halloween parade and party (costumes and all) and I promised her and ds1 we would make it. So dh dropped me off at home with my car and he went to go get the blinds. I got into the classroom, and immediately dd came to me and said, “Can we go home right now?” I said sure and signed her out an hour and half early.

On the way to the car, I asked why she wanted to go home…she said she’d been feeling hot and freezing all day and was dizzy and  her throat hurt. Great, I thought…sounds kinda flu-ish. She had a party to go to so I told her to take a nap and we’d see how she felt for the party. She woke up at 5pm (napped for 2 1/2 hrs) and still felt awful…no party for her. She started walking around and still felt dizzy, so I told her she should stay home (we were about to go to dh’s parents’s for dinner). Dh also felt she shouldn’t go trick-or-treating and told her. I expected a melt-down, but she agreed it was a bad idea to try to go. I gave her a tylenol, juice, a barf-bucket, the phone, and told her to lay down on the couch with the direction to call immediately if she felt even a little worse.

After dinner, at dh’s parent’s house, we were getting the boys’ costumes ready and the phone rang. Dh grabbed it and said, “Ok, Gab, I’ll come get you.” He hung up and said she felt better and wanted to come with us. So he went home (only 5-10 min. drive) and got her. Meanwhile, dh’s dad and I took the boys out around the block, where we eventually ran into dh and dd. We had a good night, she felt great, and the 2 kids got a good stash of treats. We thought ds1 seemed a little pale, but hoped it was nothing.

No such luck. Saturday morning he woke up sick, too. With 2 sick kids, we didn’t do much…dh mowed the lawn for the last time this year and put up dd’s blinds and we tidied up the house a bit.

So now it’s Sunday and I stayed home from church with the 3 kids…luckily the baby’s not sick. Gab doesn’t have school Mon. or Tues, so she’ll have more time to rest. She picked a good weekend to get this mess over with!