My Eyebrows are Crooked…

Remember when I blew up hot eyebrow wax on my chest, neck and face? If you do, you’ll remember how it burned the heck out of me and I swore to not use the stuff again.

I’m rethinking.

I recently bought a Sally Hensen wax kit, not realizing until I got home it was the microwaveable kind. Oh, well, I figured, I need something, so I went ahead and nuked it. Three and a half minutes later, the stuff was still hard as a rock!! I hate cheap stuff…grrr…

So I went out and bought Nad’s, something I used years ago with success. (It’s a sticky, thick, green sugar wax that you don’t nuke.) Well, I didn’t use it on me; my sister used it on me. I was too chicken to do it myself.

I tried it a couple nights ago and it started out ok.  Then one particular glob spread where it wasn’t supposed to go and ripped off a chunk out of eyebrow. Nice.

So in order to fix them to make them even and not totally weird-looking, I had to make them a good bit thinner than normal. Now there’s still a chunk missing, but hopefully not too noticeable.

I’m gonna continue to give Nad’s a shot since I have the stuff and it was pricey…plus everything new takes practice.

But I gotta admit, the hot wax is looking pretty good again!! I may have a scar on my chest, but at least my eyebrows were never crooked.