What Do You Think?

Ok, I’m going to post a topic I find interesting. But I want to say now, that immature and personally attacking comments will not be tolerated. This is meant to be an intelligent discussion, and if you can’t play like an adult, don’t try.

I recently watched a show that talked about gender identity disorder. This is when a person, child in this case, feels like their mind and body don’t match.

A little boy, at 3 years old, told his parents he wanted to be a girl. He leaned towards Barbies, girl clothes, and ballet. His parents tried to steer him toward boyish stuff, like trucks and baseball, but it didn’t seem to work. When he was about 6, his mom let him have his way. He began dressing like a girl, grew out his hair, and went to dance class. And she began referring to him as a “she.” At 8 yrs old, this boy now lives entirely as a girl.

Another woman came on the show and her son went through the same thing. Now, at 16, he no longer had the desire to be a girl and went back to being a “straight guy.”

Statistics show only 20% of children that feel they’re of the opposite sex actually grow up to dress/live as that sex. So there’s only a 20% chance that the little boy will continue to live as a woman as an adult.

The parents of the boy and the boy himself said, “God made a mistake…I’m a girl in my head and a boy on the outside.”

Personally, I don’t think God makes mistakes. But I do think it’s possible for small children to get either confused or have the desire to go outside their gender, whether to explore or just as an interest. My son plays Polly Pocket occasionally with his sister. He also wears her pink slippers sometimes. But he knows he’s a boy and she’s a girl, and by nature AND nurture, his role in life is that of a boy.

There are gender roles and they’re not bad…women are made to be sensitive and nurturing (in general). Men are made to be strong and rough-and-tumble (in general).  I know many men who aren’t afraid to shed a tear, and I know women who would rather be on a 4-wheeler than baking. But they know who they are.

Children learn…by nature, they’re directed a certain way, but it’s up to the parents to guide them and be role models. Why else would the 20% statistic be so low??

What’s your take?