It’s All in the Parenting.

Robin has an interesting post that made me decide to write this one. His point is right on.

My husband and I have always discussed getting a gun for the house. I grew up in Texas where everyone and their dog and the dog’s fleas have guns. Babies pack pistols in their diapers and toddlers shove a shotgun into their diaper bag. My dad had more than one.

My husband was in the US Army for 4 years and became very skilled in shooting a number of weapons, as I’m sure you can imagine.

But the thing that’s always held us back was hearing all the horror stories about kids shooting each other or themselves. The last thing we’ve ever wanted was to have that happen to our family…I can’t imagine ever “getting over” something like that.

In discussing this topic this past week with my husband, I asked, “Well, how do you keep a gun responsibly? What’s the key? I grew up knowing there were guns, but they weren’t ever out laying around and I never saw my dad playing with one. But I respected them and I stayed away as a kid.”

Dh pointed out that was the key, right there. To keep them put away, not to have them out and visible so a kid’s not temped to pick it up. Not to clean it around kids and only take it out when you go practice at the range or use it hunting. It’s all in the parenting…but there’s still horror stories. Like  the “one time” when the gun was left out.

So I don’t know…I’m not against guns at all, but if we were to have one, there would definitely be regulations on the thing. This has been a discussion for 7 years and may be one for the next 7 🙂

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  • I am not against guns either. They serve a purpose in the hands of trained people, who respect how to use and be safe with them. I do propose gun laws, however and dont mind saying if they are strict I dont much care. We do not own a gun, but if I felt I needed one, I would. We would all be trained in the safety and proper use, and under lock and key. I am very shy about letting my children got to peoples homes that have guns too. It is kind of a touchy issue for me.

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  • we arnt allowed to have guns here, so i cant imagine keeping one in the house.

    I guess even if the gun was locked up kids get really interested in having what they cant touch, and wud find a way to get it.

    but then guns are good for protection also. hmm not sure on this one 🙂

  • Lea

    Along with the concerns you mentioned, I have a few of my own.

    Most people’s thinking regarding owning guns (other than for hunting) is protection. But …

    They don’t stop to consider the possibility of the gun or guns falling into the hands of criminals, if your house is burglarized, or pay heed to the stories where the gun owner was shot with his own gun by an intruder.

    Also, when guns are kept hidden in a safe place for safety’s sake, as they should be, chances are that you will not get to your gun in time to be effective against intruders. Not to mention you could find yourself facing criminal charges yourself if you were to shoot the intruder.

    For me, it’s not worth it. I’ll take my chances and have my home remain gun free.

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  • Oh, boy! This is a big one.

    I grew up with rifles and shotguns (NC) too. I’m proud to say, “My dad was a sharp shooter”. I saw him take the head off many a rattle snake and hunt down pesky squirrels with one shot. I learned to respect the weapons and never play with them.

    I applied for a handgun for safety reasons when I was single and living alone. I became angry with my then boyfriend and was glad that I never actually got the gun (uh…not proud of this admission).

    Now, that I have a family with a young child, we have revisited the discussion about weapons several times. We really don’t know the right answer for us, so we’ve made no move to get one (I guess that’s the answer). We now live in TX, the gun state–as you mentioned. I feel like since the criminals have weapons, we need to have them for protection. I don’t really have time to hunt and my husband has no interest in it. BUT–we certainly don’t want there to be a time when we wish we didn’t have one because an accident occurred. My husband seems to believe that having one invites danger. I have heard about weapons being highly likely to be turned on the owner. Let me know what you all come up with…

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  • I don’t personally like the idea of having a gun in the house or anywhere near me, but that’s just because I have had a bad experience with them, so that’s just me, but looking at this objectively I think you’re right–The way you handle having a gun around is key. I would think to get two safes or two lock boxes, put the gun in one and the ammo in the other and never keep them in sight of children; don’t even let them know that there is a gun in the house until they are much, much older and after that, still never give them the key to the box or the combination to the safe.

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