Hair Cut! Yay!

Yesterday I got my hair cut and highlighted…it’s been about 6 months since my last highlight, so it was much needed! I usually do blonde or caramel colors, but I decided to do something different this time around.

I went with purple.

Yes, purple.

Violet to be exact.

And even my worst critic (my dd) thinks it’s “cute!” She was imagining punk dark or bright purple, big, thick chunks. It’s not. My stylist is awesome and she really does a great job.  My hair is light brown, with blonde highlights…so she covered the blonde with a light violet and it really blends well with my natural color. Some of the violet is light (because of the blonde before it) and some of it’s darker because it was over brown.

It turned out really good…It’s subtle and in thin strips and I’m lovin’ it already!

I think I’ll stick with the purple next time around, as well, then probably go red (strawberry-blondish) and blonde for summer next year. Who knows what colors will come up 😀