Do You Know This Drug?

I recently heard about this new drug, salvia. It’s legal in 43 states and is being compared to LSD. (not to be confused with my religion, LDS 😀  )  I looked it up on wikipedia, so if you’re clueless, like me, check this out.

It’s a hallucinogen from Mexico. Apparently it’s really easy to find, and being legal, anyone can buy it.  Teens are taping themselves and their friends while they’re high and putting it on YouTube.  As if teenagers don’t do enough stupid stuff, they’re adding a legal drug to mess up their brains.  How addictive it is is not well-known, as well as long-term effects of usage.

I just think it’s really scary that anyone can just go buy this hallucination-inducing drug. I also wonder where this will go, as far as legalization.

So, I thought I’d just bring this up for anyone who’s not heard of it and the controversy surrounding it.

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  • I have heard of this, I dont remember where though. I did not know it was legal, and what hair brained moron thought that was a good idea. Man sometimes I wonder.

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  • Mom C

    Yes, I’ve known about it for quite awhile. My dad used to plant salvia’s in front of our house when I was a kid, so the first time I heard about it, my ears perked up. Imagine that–my dad was growing a potent drug and we didn’t even know it! However, I recently heard a TV piece on it suggesting parents warn their kids not to take it–so I warned eleven of my teens (one of my classes), and none of them had ever heard of it! So I introduced them to the name of a drug they could experiment with legally . . . not cool.

  • I have never heard of it, but I checked out your link. It certainly sounds like something that should be regulated as a controlled substance. It probably just takes time since most of the attempted laws have faded from neglect.

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  • i had no idea. I have teens so thanks for the heads up. A legal drug….just what we parents need to have to deal with.

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  • Hmm…I’m going to out myself on this one. I’ve done this one a few times, and the high lasts for about 30 to 60 seconds. It’s more like an extreme depressant in that it makes you completely limp and weak. I’ve never seen any hallucinations on it, but then I consider myself to be firmly…I mean firmly grounded in reality.

    In fact all the things I did in high school never made me see anything.

    I believe it is normally placed on top of a little tobacco or pot to blend it with an existing smokable.

    You can buy this at any smoke shop you go to. I think the native americans use it as part of their rituals, so it has a religious background as well. Helping one to get in touch with god, whatever.

    Kids will be kids…I’ve done worse things growing up, and the fact that they post this on YouTube makes it available for everyone to see what most kids go through that their parents will never know about.

    You can’t change your kids. Instead, you can empower them to know the difference from right and wrong, good and bad and have some foresight into their own actions. And just hope for the best from there. It’s ultimately up to them and most parents that try to inject themselves into the equation to ‘save their kid’ will only push the kid further away.

    Take care! Not everything considered illegal is bad, it’s the individual that makes it bad.

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  • I’m glad I could give a head’s up…I sure didn’t know.

    Wayne: I agree enormously with that last paragraph…I always tell my dd about all the new drugs and the “pass out game” and let her see now so she’ll make the decision now, and when the temptation comes, she’ll be able to walk away.
    I also agree with the individual that makes things bad…goes back to the gun topic I did…”guns don’t kill people, people kill people” thing.

  • They were talking about this on CBS’s show “The Doctors”. I love that show.

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  • Yeah, I learned that from experience. I think the most important thing a kid needs is the type of personality that will seek out information and try to understand things before just diving in to something…applies to more than just drugs of course.

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  • Salvia has been around for a while, but it’s only recently that it has gained so much popularity. I think that popularity is unwarranted and mostly due to it’s ease of access. I haven’t found it to be either enlightening or fun.