Do You Know This Drug?

I recently heard about this new drug, salvia. It’s legal in 43 states and is being compared to LSD. (not to be confused with my religion, LDS 😀  )  I looked it up on wikipedia, so if you’re clueless, like me, check this out.

It’s a hallucinogen from Mexico. Apparently it’s really easy to find, and being legal, anyone can buy it.  Teens are taping themselves and their friends while they’re high and putting it on YouTube.  As if teenagers don’t do enough stupid stuff, they’re adding a legal drug to mess up their brains.  How addictive it is is not well-known, as well as long-term effects of usage.

I just think it’s really scary that anyone can just go buy this hallucination-inducing drug. I also wonder where this will go, as far as legalization.

So, I thought I’d just bring this up for anyone who’s not heard of it and the controversy surrounding it.