Gotta Vent.

This is about the voting in CA, so if you’re tired of the subject, sorry. But I’ve got to get this off my chest.

If you’ve looked around my site or have read for awhile, you know I’m LDS (Mormon). And the Mormons have gotten a lot of publicity in CA for their stance on gay marriage. They have been targeted with hate crimes and have had protesters outside of churches. These people protesting are the same ones who have been shouting for tolerance!! How canΒ  you say something like that, then turn around and show intolerance because you disagree? You don’t see any Mormons picketing gay clubs or beating up gay/lesbian couples.

We have a very strong stand against abortion…when “pro-choice” got voted in in CO, did you see Mormons bombing clinics?? Of course not.

There was a choice, a vote to be made (in both states). The options were given to us by the gov’t…yes or no. That means each of us has a right to our opinions, liked or disliked. The decisions were made by a majority. And that’s where it should end. Anything past that is poor losing and flat-out bullying and scare tactics.

The percentage of “no” votes in CA was 52%. Do people realize the Mormon population is no where near that? So that means others also voted no. 70% of black voters said no. That’s a huge group! And I know without a doubt not every single Mormon voted no…I know 2 people just in my church here in my town that have gay/lesbian siblings and they would have voted yes. And that’s just here, in the boonies, not out in CA where the population is higher.

I’m sick of all the blaming and hatred (and don’t go tell me Mormons hate gay people…if you do, I assure you, you’ll feel my wrath). The voting is over, leave people out of it! If you don’t like it, go to the government who gave us the choice in the first place and protest there.