Today should be a good one.

We’re going to the mall to finish up our Christmas shopping then dh is taking the 2 older kids to Madagascar 2. The boy hasn’t been to a movie in the theater yet…we think he’s finally old enough (and settled enough) to sit through a movie. Plus, he loves the first one, so he should be attentive for this one. Wish dh luck 😀

We don’t have too much shopping to do…the kids have things here and there to get, but we’ve done a lot the last 2 weeks. It’s nice to get it done early. We know what we’re doing for my parents, but we’re clueless for Paul’s…(so if you’re reading, feel free to send some ideas our way! Same for his sister and bil.)

We’re also helping put baskets together for the local food bank organization. They ask volunteers to sign up for baskets, and give a list of things they would like in them. Our church volunteered to host about 5 or 6 baskets. Someone signs up to be the host. Then the host (us) of each basket gets people to sign up to help with the basket, so we don’t have to do the whole thing. This weekend we have to get the various items rounded up and then we’ll put it together. We’re buying a clothes basket, a blanket to line it, and the turkey. We figured since we’re having Thanksgiving at Paul’s parent’s house, it saves us buying a turkey, so we’ll just donate the turkey we would have bought. (Not that we’re rich, but we don’t lack food or basic necessities. And since we have, it’s our duty to give.)

So that’s on our list today to do! It should be fun….it’s rare our whole family goes shopping at the same time.