A Giving Idea.

I have 4 siblings. I have 11 nieces and nephews. If everyone bought for everyone, it would get pricey. So what our family does is have the kids swap names for gifts. But last night one of my sisters called me with a different idea.

She suggested we anonymously sponsor a poor family or two and let all 14 of our kids buy for those kids instead of each other. I thought it was a great idea; my kids don’t “need” a thing. They’re plenty spoiled, and I know my nieces and nephews have what they need as well, and more.

So I’m really excited about this new project. One sil knows people who may need it; she said one family at church in particular couldn’t afford a full Thanksgiving dinner (they were planning on eating regular dinner–it gotten taken care of though). My 2 younger kids won’t know what the deal is, but my oldest will remember.

I’ll keep updating this as it continues.

Who knows, maybe we’ll start it as tradition.