Scary Thing!

Pierce (my 3 yr old) nearly killed himself yesterday.

We were all up in my room; I was getting dressed. Dean (baby) was on the bed and I was at the foot. Pierce was pulling a drawer out of hubby’s dresser to see what was in it. I turned around just in time to see the dresser, tv, and all that was on it slowly crashing to the floor. I jumped in front, made sure Pierce was out of the way and tried to stop the whole thing falling. I grabbed the tv and realized it was better to let it fall; I wasn’t going to be able to help without getting hurt.

At the same time it all crashed to the ground, the drawers fell out (I think that’s why I turned around…I heard the drawers first) and the dog jumped on the bed…I guess he had been in the way. Maybe I stopped stuff from falling on him just long enough for him to get out of the way.

Then Dean screamed really loud. At first I thought he got hurt, then I realized the noise and the dog jumping on the bed so suddenly scared him.

When “the smoke cleared,” I looked at my hands and they were just shaking incredibly.

Amidst all this, I remembered when my dd was the same age, she did the same thing. She climbed up her dresser to get a necklace that was on the top. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the room…I just heard a large crash and a scream. When I walked into her room, I saw 2 little legs sticking out from under the dresser. With the super-mom strength you get when  your child is in trouble, I picked the thing up like it was a leaf. Luckily for both of us, she only got a slight black eye.

Oh, these 3 year olds! I’ll keep a really close eye on the baby when he turns 3. No dresser crashing for him!!