My Clumsy Family.

I’m tellin’ ya….my family has got to be the most clumsy/klutzy one I know. One of us is constantly doing something ridiculous.

Poor Pierce…That kid just can’t seem to catch a break. Yesterday Dean had just fallen asleep on my lap when I heard a noise. I looked up and there was a little ball of boy in red pj’s rolling down the stairs. He got up, crying of course, and ran over to me. I hugged him (on one leg with one arm) until he calmed down then asked him if/where he was hurt. He told me, “My pinky toe hurts cuz I rolled down the stairs.” Luckily he’s ok…again.

A couple days ago it was my husband trying to take the fast way down the stairs. A couple years ago he put a hole in the basement wall tripping over a baby gate while going down.

I can just be holding something and then it just falls out of my hand…the remote, my toothbrush, fork, baby bottle, etc. Oh, yes, the list goes on.

Our dd can somehow trip or fall standing still. We’re still not sure how this happens, but it’s interesting when it does! We all get a kick out of it, even her.

No one has ever gotten more than bruises or slight scrapes…yet. We dohave 2 little boys. I’m so glad we have insurance.