Cookie Week!

This is officially Cookie Week in our house. The week before Christmas when we make tons of cookies!  Yesterday we started with pecan snowballs and chocolate crinkles. Tomorrow we’ll be doing sugar cookies and gingerbread men. I have a wicked awesome recipe for the gingerbread; they’re probably my favorite.

Friday is Girl’s Night. The woman hosting this month is having a cookie swap. She requested each of us to bring half a dozen to swap and take home plus a dozen to share at the party. I’m really looking forward to that.

Tuesday Gab has a church activity where they’re making plates to take to local missionaries. She needs a dozen for that.

I have a church thing (visit teaching) where I go with a partner to 5 assigned women from church…my partner and I go visit each woman with a brief message and a “so how’s things going.” I’m making plates of cookies for these 5 women and their families.

Then Gab and I have a couple families picked out to take plates to….we sing a carol and hand over the cookies. It’s been a tradition for the last 5 years. Lots of fun…we both look forward to it every year.

So…add all these cookies up and it makes for a week of major baking  😀

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  1. Wow! cookies! I love cookies, my fmaily loves it too! We are cookie monsters lols! I only know how to bake ready to bake cookie but don’t know to bake a home made cookies like yours. Maybe next time i will try to learn how to make cookies of my own. I’ve got to look for a recipe.

  2. I usually don’t do a lot of baking for Christmas. I love to bake, but it is usually challenging with the frantic work rush before the holidays. I am going to try to bake something this week, but probably not the exotic selection that you are putting together. It sounds absolutely delicious!

    Annes last blog post..The Small Town Ladies Conquer the Boston Pops

  3. Wow!!! That sounds like fun. My sisters and I are doing a ‘cookies’ day on the 20th. Each of us are doing a few different types and packaging them for gifts. Besides being fun, it’s a good way to take the ‘money’ out of the season’s giving.

    Patricias last blog post..Hunger and World Poverty

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