That Was….um…There.

Last night my dh had his work party…not the whole business, just IT and their families. Only one other person brought her 2 kids. Luckily ours were behaving well.

They had lots of wine and beer…we were two of 5 people not drinking, so it was fun watching other people get tipsy 😀

Dinner consisted of steak or chicken (we all had steak), potatoes, green beans, rolls and salad. The steaks were good. Not Ruth’s Chris good, but good.

I brought a rum pound cake (extract, not real rum) that turned out tolerably well. Paul said it was one of the best cakes he’s had in a long time and was happy to bring the rest home. I made a butter rum glaze for the top that I was pretty proud of.

So it was there. It was sweet my honey really wanted me to go…he said there were a few people who either didn’t invite their spouses or their spouses didn’t want to go. It’s always nice to be wanted!

More cookie making for today…Girl’s Nite tonight! Yay!!