Girl’s Night Recap!

I’m tired. Very tired.

The friend that hosted did a great job on the food spread. She had pinwheel-like sandwiches, chips, crackers and dip, eggnog and hot chocolate. Everything was really good. And she held the party in her basement, which has a nice fireplace…that’s where I sat for the evening. I love fireplaces!

So we did the usual eating and talking with a few Christmas games. Her craft for the night was really really cute. You get a mason jar, fill it half-way with epsom salt, add a votive on top, tie a ribbon around it and a sprig of holly and you’re done! Wicked easy and cute.  She said it’s an old Irish custom…that it was a common practice at the time of Christ’s birth for the innkeepers to leave a candle outside or in a window if there was a room available.  So the Irish part of the custom is to have the oldest daughter light it on Christmas Eve and put it outside. This symbolizes telling Christ there is room for him at your home. So our dd will enjoy that this year.

Then we did the cookie swap, which was the theme…cookies. Holy cow, there were so many cookies there!!! Each of us (6) brought approximately 60 cookies. We were so cookied out! We brought half a dozen for each person invited plus a dozen to share during the party.  One person didn’t show, so there were plenty of extras, and none of us wanted to bring our own cookies home. I seriously have cookies everywhere!

I got home late…coughearlyamcough but Paul had the kids in bed. So I’m tired, but it was lots of fun as usual and I’m looking forward to January already. I have February and it’s already planned out 😀