Just a Few More Days!

Christmas is almost here! Yay! We’re ready so it’s exciting at this point instead of stressful. Last week I did all the shopping for this week so I won’t have to venture into the insanity and chaos they called Wal Mart.

Dean has his 6-month dr appointment today, so that means shots…poor boy. He’s not the most pleasant child after shots, unlike my other 2. It never phased them.

We have a floor on our addition; today the framing of the walls should go up. Last week they brought the lumber in but it was absolutely pouring rain all day and they couldn’t work. The bad weather should pause just long enough to get our roof up so they can work under it! It’s so frustrating because we want it done so badly. *sigh* Patience is a virtue…patience is a virtue…patience is a virtue…