What a Day!

Good news and bad news…which do you want first?

Ok, bad news to get it over with…Dean woke up with a slight runny nose.  So he wasn’t a happy boy to begin with yesterday. Then off to the dr for shots. Didn’t help with the fussiness much. My day was spent on the couch holding a sad baby 🙁  Hopefully he’ll feel better today.

Good news? We have walls on our addition! They got a majority of it framed and today should finish it off.  It’s so fun to see the progress.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. If I don’t have time to  say it later, I’ll say it now. Everyone, friend, family or acquaintance: Have a wonderful and very merry Christmas. This is such a magical time of year and I hope each of you is well and happy. And thanks for reading my incessant babblings.