January First!

The first day of another new year. Love it 🙂

Last night we had friends over. They’re about our ages with 5 cute little kids (and she’s pg with the 6th) ages 8 to 2. It was not the quietest night we’ve had, but it was tons of fun. We had all the usual party foods (chips and dip, crackers and cheese, fruit and dip, pizza, bubbly (non-alco) and rice crispies) so the kids enjoyed that.

The adults played some games while the kids split into 2 groups…their 2 yr old, their 3 yr old and our 3 yr old upstairs in his room, and their other 3 and our dd were in dd’s room playing other games.

The fun came to an end when one of the kids came down and said, “The boys are playing in the toilet!” Oh, nice…  Luckily it was their 2, not ours, so I volunteered our bathtub and Pierce’s extra jammies since they were soaked! I was glad I scrubbed the toilet earlier! lol still ewww though.

Now we have dd’s b-day coming up soon, then mine, then our 7th anniversary, then V-day! So the parties still won’t end for another month. And February is my month for Girl’s Night here. I love having an excuse to play 😀