I’d Swear I Have the Weirdest Dreams!!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had the strangest dreams.

One recurring dream I had as a kid was in the house I grew up in. We had a very long drive way and were driving toward the house. We had a pond, and I decided I would walk from the pond to the house. The dogs were playing in it so I decided to join them. While swimming around, I felt a hot breath on my leg. I turned around, and there was an alligator with a jack-o-lantern onĀ  his head following me. I pushed the dogs to the edge in front of me, then would wake up right before it would get right on me.

One other was a few years ago, that I was at a toga party with a bunch of friends. I had a sheet on me in the typical toga fashion. I woke up and noticed I no longer had my pajamas on! I’ve had a few dreams where I changed my clothes and woke up in the same way.

But the ones I really hate are the ones where my kids are in trouble.

Last week I dreamt I was driving out of a driveway onto a busy 4-lane road. Pierce ran out in to the road to try to stop all the cars so I could go. I yelled at him to move but he couldn’t hear me…he was too busy yelling at the oncoming cars. I woke up from that one in a sweat with my heart racing.

After Dean was born, I dreamt we went to the mall. Paul and I were taking care of the baby and Pierce wandered off and we were running and screaming through the mall looking for him. Then we both realized we left the baby alone in a store and didn’t know which one. Woke up from that one with a racing heart as well.

There have been so many like those! I figure they make me more cautious of where my kids are when we go out.

Does any one else have psycho dreams like this??