It’s Called “Mommy Brain.”


First it’s called “pregnancy brain”…the cells in the brain actually shrink a bit. Then that goes away and the brain is devoted to what’s in the diaper bag….plenty of diapers, wipes, burpy cloths, bib, toys, formula adequate for enough feedings plus an extra just in case, bottles, water, tylenol, gas drops, tissues enough for 3 kids, cars for the 3 yr old, snacks for the 3 yr old, etc. And then there’s the individual needs of each of the kids and the husband. And the groceries and the laundry and the house cleaning. Then there’s the normal social things to think about…Who’s coming over when and we’re going to Who’s when.

So with all this (and more) the brain focus on only the important stuff and lets everything else disappear into the rest of the 90% of the brain. Where the keys are, whether the washer got turned on before leaving, if the oven got turned off, and whether or not the dog has been let out to pee today.

And yes, this is a true phenomenon. Ain’t motherhood grand??