Yesterday I ended up taking the boys to the dr…ds1 has croup. Dean’s illness is just a passing virus every other kid has. Kids shouldn’t have to get sick!

My bday dinner was good…I made honey-orange duck and broccoli and potatoes with cheese sauce and a cake, of course.

Dh got me a Wii Fit!! I’m stoked…can’t wait to get it up and running. The boys got me a trash can for the new bathroom. I know it sounds kinda strange, but I want new stuff for those rooms. Dd got me a corded phone to have on my nightstand since the phones that were sent by our voip suck. Badly.  And dh’s parents got me new curtains for the new bedroom! We just have to pick them out. Dh’s sister bought us towels. So all in all, I scored pretty well!