Daughter Drama.

We’re moved into the new master bedroom/closets now, 90% anyway…dh has to get his dresser down and we just have to clean up a bit. He got the curtains hung and they look great. So exciting!

Now to my main thought…

I’m really surprised how focused kids are at my dd’s age (11) on themselves and their small view of the world. Naturally, it’s my job to teach my kids that the world is a lot bigger and more broad then she thinks it is. She’s a good kid…she just has kid blinders on, I think.

At least once a week, she comes home talking about a kid (various ones, not the same one necessarily) or teacher that’s “so weird” or “creepy.” For example, we were driving near the school and she saw a TA driving with someone coming away from the school. She said, “What’s he doing near at the school at night? That’s pretty creepy. He’s so strange.”

(this is when I was wondering if this kid was mine…I certainly have my opinions but don’t consider myself judgmental or narrow)

me…”How many houses are up that road?”

her…”A bunch.”

me…”So is it possible that he was visiting someone or picking up a date in one of those houses?”

her…”I guess.”

me…”So how is that strange?”

Fairly typical conversation. She wonders why certain kids behave a certain way…I always tell her she just doesn’t know what’s going on inside the kid’s home or head to make them who they are. But somehow it doesn’t sink in well. I’m sure it’s a phase that she’ll move past, but it’s really driving me crazy for now!