LeDoux Shirt!

Since we’ve moved into our new closets, I figured now would be a good time to toss the old clothes we don’t wear…we’ve got 2 boxes! Now I’ve got to get them out of the living room. Sigh. Always something.

My dd was in my closet yesterday and said, “You’ve got a flame shirt?” It’s a button-down shirt with black at the bottom and red at the top, in the shape of flames.

Then I realized she was really little when I got it. So I told her the story. I was at a Chris LeDoux concert when she was probably 18 months old with my a guy I was dating. As the concert was ending, LeDoux and 2 band members signed 2 or 3 shirts and tossed them into the crowd. My boyfriend caught it and gave it to me, since I was the bigger LeDoux fan.

I was so psyched! I wore it through the rest of the concert (just a couple songs left) and out to the car. People were pointing, “Oh, she got one of the shirts!”  Very cool moment 😀

LeDoux dated it ’99. Of course, if you know country music, you know he died in 2005. I’m curious if it is worth anything, not that I’d ever sell it…unless it was an unreal amount. I really ought to find out somehow. To be continued…