I sent an email to the Chris LeDoux fan club, asking him how much he thinks the shirt would be worth. Not that I intend to sell it, just curious.

He wrote back and told me he thought it would be “priceless…”

Huh?? How does that help? There’s a few  things that could mean.

  1. He was being condescending. “Oh, yes, your precious shirt is just priceless…since you don’t plan on selling it.”
  2. He could be evaluating the emotional attachment to it. “You’ve had it all these years, your boyfriend caught it so it’s priceless….to you.”
  3. Depending on the buyer, it really could be priceless. There might be someone willing to pay crazy money for it. But I highly doubt this theory.
  4. “I have no idea, so it’s priceless…”

Any votes or other theories??