A Taste of Spring!

The past few days’ has been awesome…just warm enough for a long-sleeve t-shirt instead of a coat or sweaters. Today’s supposed to be high 50’s-low 60’s with rain….which is way better than snow in my book.

I notice on days like this I “wake up” a bit…I think I’ve always had a bit of seasonal depression, a condition during the winter when moods get low, low energy, sleepy, etc. Nothing major or enough to get on meds for…just a bit of winter blues.

I’m SOOO ready for spring and summer!!! It absolutely can’t get here soon enough.

3 comments to A Taste of Spring!

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  • And I am SSOOOOOOO jealous! We’re not going to make it past 30 for the week. Our snow is still so frozen it will be quite awhile before it’s gone. In larger parking lots, the giant berms in the middle look like mountains because they are so dirty and disgusting. Thanks for stopping by my photo blog, I really appreciate it. It’s a nice balance for the complaining part of me 😉

    • It’s been a short, warmish winter here. There was a week where it was 5 degrees every day, but now it’s getting warm. Very weird. But I’ll take weird over dirty ice mountains.