Octuplets after 6 Kids?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the woman who recently had octuplets after having 6 kids, all under 8 yrs old, 2 with disabilities. Yep, 14 kids.

At first, I thought, wow, she can handle all that? More power to her!

Then I heard the rest of the story…she’s single, living with her parents and has no job. She said she’s not receiving government help, but that has proved false.  These types of stories are hard not to judge. She has a right to have children…until those children begin to be neglected or abused.

It’s easy to write her off, saying she’s crazy or stupid or very strong to handle it all. Whatever your stance on the subject is. But again, the children come into the picture. How is a single woman going to take care of 8 new babies at once, never mind her other 6 (I think the youngest is 2)?? I can’t imagine what she was thinking (or not) when she went into have another child. Her story is she had 6 eggs planted and only one or 2 babies would come of it. Instead, 2 of those eggs split, producing identical twins. Of course, there’s no way she could have predicted THAT outcome. But why was it necessary anyway to even have a 7th baby without an income?

It doesn’t bother me too much that she’s single…single women are perfectly capable of taking care of their children (I’ve done that).  But to do it alone?

Then there’s the topic of her job…the one she doesn’t have. On one hand, she should really spend as much time as possible with her kids, since she has so many. On the other hand, what right does she have to choose to have that many kids and then go on assistance to support them all?

It’s just a crazy situation…one I personally find to be irresponsible and selfish.

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  • I think you’re uttering the sentiments of most people. At first, it was like WOW I can’t believe that happened. More power to her. Then, it was like WHOA something is really wrong with this lady. As I just commented on another blogger’s page–the simple fact that those children are all alive means that God must have some purpose for their lives and they were meant to be here. However, Mom is probably in need of some mental help.


  • Lin

    I don’t agree with the whole “god” thingy with this. This is NOT normal and NOT good. “God” made woman with the ability to create 1 life, perhaps 2 or 3 on the rare occasion, but a litter is not normal. I wish this woman would give these children up for adoption to families that can take care of them physically, emotionally, and financially–all things she cannot. What kind of life are they going to have? And I understand she has 3 (?) children who have disabilities already? Yikes.

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    • lol @ litter..but I agree. And the adoption thing is a point I brought up while discussing this with my dh. If she only wanted one more, and didn’t want to do “selective reduction,” adoption would have been ideal. I wouldn’t have terminated any embryos either, but there are so many people wanting babies. It was a selfish decision.

  • I really feel for those children. I imagine that being 1 in 14 when you have 2 loving parents is difficult, I can’t imagine with 1 parent. I really hope that things turn out ok for those children.

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