Being the slacker that I am, I am finally looking people up on Facebook. I’ve been on there a while, but never have done much.

It’s been fun…I’ve recently gotten in touch with a girl I was really good friends with in 9th grade. (So I guess she’s not really a girl anymore…well, technically, but now a lot older.  Not that she’s OLD, just older than when I saw her last. And therefore not really a girl….I have a headache; excuse the thought process.)

I’ve been chatting with my niece who went off to college this last fall; she’s one of those really, really smart people that got a wicked scholarship into a smart school.

And of course, I’ve enjoyed throwing sheep and cows at various friends and flowers to others. I’m excited to see who else I’m going to find. Just in the last couple days, I’ve found 8 or 9 other people I knew “way back when.”

And I’ve even managed to figure out how to put pictures up, which is a huge thing. Yay me 😀

It’s been a lot of fun. If you’re thinking of people you used to know and are interested in finding again, check it out.

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  • I have my 20 year reunion this, and I’m on the fence if I’m going or not. So many memories, good and bad. I think it would be fun, but I hate to pay a few hundred just to attend.

    Oh! I started a contest on my site where I’m giving 10k in EC credits to one person. Details are on my site if you’d like to enter.

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    • Same here…that’s why I didn’t go to my 10 year 2 yrs ago.
      I saw the contest…I’ve tried to enter a couple times and get interrupted by little ones. gotta love it

  • Lin

    Yeah…..no. I guess that’s why I don’t do Facebook–I don’t really want to hook up with folks from way back when. I still have contact with the good friends I had long ago, and I kind of figure that there isn’t really anyone I’d like to see from my past. Not that there is anything sordid, it’s just that I don’t really care about kids from grade school all that much. That and I just read that Facebook owns everything you post/do and has the right to do with your info as they see fit. That bothers me on some level.

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    • Yeah, there was a big stink about that. I read today they’re gonna leave it as it and not change it…lucky for them. A lot of people would have left, myself and dh included.

  • Hey, I’m on FB and love it. I was reluctant at first, but my hubby was reconnecting with everyone as far back as elementary school so I gave it a shot. Sure enough, I have been in contact with people I probably would never have talked to again. You should link to me.


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