Girl’s Night Last Night!

Well, last night was my turn for Girl’s Night. Our theme was “I’m Seeing Red!”

It was fun…I made tomato soup, sandwiches, tuna-noodle salad and red punch. Of course all this was served on red plates, red bowles, and red cups.  We also had red twizzlers and red-wrapped chocolate. Later for dessert, we had heart-shaped red velvet mini-cakes. I cut the tops off and spread icing in the middle. They were really good 😀

We played Valentines Day Pictionary, Truth or Dare, and “Guess how many candies are in the jar.” I gave a prize to the person who did the worst dare…the one who won ate a teaspoon of wheat flour.  Ewww…The worst thing I did was stick dog food up my nose. Yes, it was very childish. But we had a lot of fun. Everyone had to do at least one dare. And we took plenty of pictures…confidential to Girl’s Night, of course.

So another good night! Everyone left at midnight and I was happy I didn’t have to drive anywhere. One of the many perks of having it at my house!