It’s Official…I AM Crazy.

We’re planning our summer vacation trip. Yeah, we have to plan now because my parents and a brother/his family want to go to Nauvoo, IL on our way back from Wyoming/Utah (where all my family lives, where our main vacation will be).  So they have to get time off from work to plan the Nauvoo trip, so that’s why we’re looking at dates now. When you have 4 siblings and parents’ schedules to consider, it takes time to get it set up.

Anyway, our baby (ds2) will be one this summer.

The last long drive we took was the summer ds1 was turning one. We drove to Yellowstone.

We live on the east coast.

Long ways away.

And for some reason, we decided to drive all that way again. Either the pain and anguish of the last trip have worn off or we really are crazy.