I’m Getting Older…obviously.

I was reading Mature Not Senile’s recent post and she got me thinking of my perceptions on getting older.

As a teenager, I figured when I got married and had kids, trying to keep in shape and look good wouldn’t matter. I don’t know why. I guess I just thought once I snagged a good guy, he (and therefore I) wouldn’t care what I looked like anymore. That when I got “old and gray” body image wouldn’t matter.

Then I had a conversation with my grandma one day. She was visiting and called me into her room. She wanted to ask me which shirt to wear, which one I liked better…she was having problems choosing. I told her I liked the short-sleeved one. But she didn’t want to wear it.

“No, it makes my arms look fat and I have too many spots on my arms. I better wear the long one.”

I was really surprised. At 80-ish, she was still concerned with how she looked.

Naturally I’ve grown up since then. And I’ve gotten married. And after 3 kids, I still care what I look like…even with the good guy I’ve snagged.

Now I just wonder what other misconceptions I have that I’ll grow out of!