What’s Your Food Budget?

Glue 4 Families had a great post on grocery budgeting and what the US spends compared to other countries. It’s really interesting…check it out real quick!

I commented that I spend about $80 for food a week, not including miscellaneous stuff, like paper towels, pet food, tp, etc. A couple other commenters were surprised.

So I thought I’d do a quick demo on how we get through the week.

I keep our dinners at $6 or less a night. That’s $42 or less. Sound hard? It was at first. But dinners don’t have to be complex to be good. One night I might have split pea soup with sausage in the crockpot (under $2 for the peas and $2 for the sausage links).  Then I use the other link in something else that week, like a red beans and rice ($2 for big can of kidney beans, got the sausage, put it over rice).  We also buy bags of potatoes (new potatoes 5 lbs @ $3) and have potatoes, veggies ($1 for frozen) and bratwurst ($2-3) and again, use the potatoes in something else, like ham and potato chowder (ham for $2-3 and $2 for celery). And breakfast for dinner is a fun one, too (french toast, $3 for bread, $1-2 for extra eggs, $2 for sausage).

Some things are staples…flour, rice, eggs, cooking supplies, cereal. I make cornbread, biscuits, and/or bread throughout the week, too, to add to the soups. And we do a lot of brown rice, which we also eat for breakfast…rice and flies (add milk to the rice on the stove, throw in raisins, cinnamon and sugar and heat up).

That’s where the rest of the $80 goes, to the staples. And I spend about $15 on baby food/formula a week. But that shouldn’t last more than a couple months longer (yay!)

But we also have the non-food items that 4 people need, the pets, and regular household supplies. So not every week is 80 bucks, but we try to keep it close.

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  • I don’t know about food only. I normally spend $200-250 a week on household stuff, food and pet food. I’m basically feeding four adults…..3 of which are male with healthy male appetites. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

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  • Thanks for linking to my post and continuing this discussion on your blog! For some reason, the photos are not showing up on the post anymore. Maybe my webhoster had an issue with it.

    I think we’re spending about $100/wk, including food and household items. I keep a list of everything we need when we go to the store, but it still seems like we have to go to the store about every other day (like for milk and bananas). We make bulk purchases at Sam’s and do regular supplemental shopping at Walmart. It doesn’t sound like a lot of money until you factor in we are a family of THREE. I thought coupon shopping would help until I realized that generic brands are less and just as good. So we buy generic. If there happens to be a brand that we love anyway, like huggies or lubriderm, we try to buy only with a coupon. We also eat ALL leftovers. I cook a lot at once and freeze, if necessary, but we rarely throw anything away.


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    • I’m the same way with coupons/generic. Most of what we buy is generic; most of it is so similar to the brand name stuff. Same with leftovers…that’s always my lunch, which also saves money.

  • Great subject. Sometimes I feel goofy for the funny way I shop. I get a high on sale items! First I go to walmart and buy a lot of things such as milk, eggs, coffee creamer and other things that I know I can’t get cheaper at our grocery store. Then I go to the grocery store and buy fresh fruits, vegis and meats, but ONLY if they are on sale. My poor family might get a run of chicken one week and hamburger the next. But I only spend about 80.00 a week too and that includes non food items. I’m lucky that I only have one child and she eats like a bird still at 13.

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    • I think when my kiddos aren’t so time-consuming I’ll do the shopping like that, place to place. I used to. It always worked out really well.

  • I couldn’t find the article, it would be neat to learn the average spent in each state. I love saving money at the grocery store. We spend less than $200 a month on our family of 4 including the miscellaneous stuff. We use cloth diapers so that helps a lot!

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