A Random Tag

I got tagged by No Time For a Haircut yesterday!

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules in your blog.
3. Write 5 Random things about yourself.
4. Tag Random people at the end of the post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged.

Five random things about me:

  1. I love highlighting my hair…usually blonde in the summer, but this fall/winter it’s been purple then red. I might go pink for summer.
  2. I love watermelon in the summer. It’s so fun to watch the kids and teach them how to spit the seeds!
  3. I’ve only broken one bone in my life…my tailbone. I was about to sit down and had a chair pulled out from under me as a teenager. Not fun. Couldn’t sit for a week, literally.
  4. I really need to repaint my fingernails. They’re breaking like crazy and keeping them painted helps strengthen them.
  5. My middle name is made up. My parents couldn’t agree on 2 names, so they combined them. No, I’m not telling.

So now I tag 5 random people!

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  4. Duck and Wheel with String
  5. Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

6 comments to A Random Tag

  • Thanks for your sweet comment on my picture with the pole in it. LOL! I’m still practicing with my new camera. I’ll work on this tag tomorrow sometime. Looks like a fun one. Thanks for stopping by.

    Michelles last blog post..The End To A Bright Blue Sunny Day

  • Lin

    Hey, thanks for the tag! It might take me a few days, but I’ll try and make you proud with extreme randomness!

    Lins last blog post..Cocktail Hour III

  • Hi Signe
    I stumbled across your blog on LDS BLOGS. I thought you mighe be interested in a site my wife and I just built called MormonsMadeSimple.com, which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to feature any of these videos on your blog, or just share them with non-member friends. We’re hoping these videos will be missionary tools to help members share their beliefs. Anyway, sorry to spam your comments section. I couldn’t find any contact information for you on your blog.

    – Doug & Laurel

  • I guess I’ll have to scare my readers with my randomness! lol

    Storms last blog post..Review: The Shandle

  • Hmmmm. Between the unusual hair colors and the interesting middle name, I’m sensing there is more to you than meets the eye. That’s ok by me…interesting and strange people are WAY more entertaining!

    Thanks for the blog love!

    OldWestMoms last blog post..The Safe Haven Law

  • Enjoyed reading yours as well! 🙂

    Andrea Singers last blog post..Two Awards! You made my day!