Evil Cat Story, Round 2.

I finally got to bed last night after moving ds1 out of it.  (He said he was scared of the dark in his room, but the dark in my room wasn’t scary so he could sleep in there.)

I got relaxed, warm, nice and comfortable in my flannel sheets and started drifting off to sleep.

Then The Brat decided it was time to play. And not just play, terrorize. Me, the poor fat cat (Miracle), whoever she could annoy. She jumped on Fatty and they started running across the bedroom, over the bed, under the bed, in the closet…then they would “fight”  complete with loud kitty noises and growling and fur flying (I saw a carpet of black fur on my floor this morning).

Lucky for me, I brought the cat-squirt-bottle to bed with me. So whenever I saw a black thing dart around the room, I squirted it.  They finally hid in my closet and I settled back down to bed.

Then they started up again, worse than ever.

I finally decided to ignore them, and about 10 minutes later, they left the room. Good thing, too…I was seriously thinking about kitty barbecue for dinner tonight.

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  • LMAO! Been there and still doing that with our two. Our big fully grown cat does not have the patience for a kitten. He ignores Hell Cat unless the kitten jumps on him and then they are off. Early morning is the worst around here fortunately the fur hasn’t flown here yet because Hell Cat is must faster than Bebop.

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  • Lin

    Somebody’s got Spring fever! My two are soooo bored, they’re doing the same thing–chasing, fighting, spitting, etc. all over the house! They are out of control!!! Hobbes sounds like he is 700 lbs thumping through the house, and I don’t think he’s done growing yet!! Don’t mean to laugh, but it was a funny story!! Love the water bottle!

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    • lol…yeah, it’s funny during the light of day 😀
      I’d lock them out but I keep the door open so I can hear the baby.

  • Oh, I’m glad my cats don’t fight all out like that! Two of my dad’s cats would really get into now and then though–they were both intact males and were kept in separate rooms except sometimes the one would get out and then they’d go at it. Tufts of fur all over the two rooms.

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