Weird and We Have a Crawler!!

Ok, 2 things today.

Last night, dh got an IM from someone he didn’t know. It said, “u gonna pick up a bottle i’m ready.”

So we were coming up with things it could be about…his mind went to a baby.

“You gonna pick up the bottle (I left downstairs) I’m ready (with the baby, he’s hungry)”

I thought a romantic dinner.

“You gonna pick up the bottle (of bubbly or wine or whatever) I’m ready (with dinner).”

Of course there’s quite a few other things it could mean that aren’t G-rated like bottle of KY.

In other news, our baby crawled yesterday! He turned 9 months old Tuesday. He’s a full month ahead of ds1 at crawling and 2 ahead of my dd.Ā  Time to baby-proof the house again.