We Mapped our Road Trip!

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re planning a road trip out to Wyoming and Utah this summer. The kids and I are really excited. Dh is stressing.

We’ve got 2 stops overnight on the way out there, around Indianapolis/Danville then in Omaha. I’m looking for a way to cut expenses. Same with on the way back.

So my idea is to see if we have friends that live in those areas that we can stay with overnight! Brilliant, huh ;D

We thought if we could find people, we’d pay for dinner for everyone (order pizza) and we’re planning on packing our own breakfasts (cereal, granola bars, etc) so they wouldn’t have to feed us at all. Just a room to sleep in. Or a tent in the back yard.

So my plea goes out!! Anyone live in those areas?? 😀