What Do You Consider Large?

A couple nights ago dh and I were discussing our trip this summer. I had been doing hotel research and noticed that many hotels’ prices were for 2 adults, 2 kids. Any more was extra.

We were saying we’re gonna have to get used to that kind of stuff, since we’re planning on having 4 kids. To us, that doesn’t really seem like a large family; 5 or 6 or more would. But to the standards of the US, 4 kids is.

So I’m curious…what do you consider to be a large family?

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  • I don’t think it used to be that way in the US, however, I do think in recent years things have changed. There were four kids in my family so to me 4 kids isn’t large and is managable. We knew many other families back then that there were 4 children. My dh is one of 4 children.

    5 or more would seem large for me, however, I know a few people that think anything over 2 is large and 2 is the perfect #. Those particular individuals couldn’t understand why Rick and I wanted another child and ttc it (unsuccessfully) for so long.

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  • I come from a 9 child household, but not all in the same age range till I was born most were grown and gone. I had 1 child which was difficult so anything over one is a large family to me

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  • Personally for me a large family is 6 or more children. But reality in this world seems to imply that anything over 2 children is large. I know we cannot get any package vacation deals as they are all geared for families of 4, not the 5 we are.
    I say children are a blessing and I wish I could have been blessed with more, but I cherish every moment I have with my 3.

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  • Three or more children sounds like a large family to me. Though I grew up with only a sister at home and a 1/2 brother and step brother who lived with my father and his wife. I only have a little girl and wish I had just one more. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

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  • I’ve always thought 6-7 kids crossed over into large, because then you start having to drive the commercial vans if you go out in one vehicle, lol. Four kids is not a large family.

    I think in the last few decades most people have gotten it into their heads that 2 is the magic number. *shrugs*

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  • I’d say that you had a medium say family if you had four kids. Not large.

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  • We have 4 kids, so I don’t consider that large. But when people ask how many kids and I say 4, they say “Oh 4, you must have your hands full.” I think maybe 6 kids would be a large family for me. Although we’re done at 4.

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