Band and Time-Out and Squirming, Oh, My!

My parents always say their grandchildren (they have 14) keep them young.

I think this only applies to grandparents.

If they’re your own kids, somehow they make you older. Or feel that way, anyway!

Between taking my dd to all-county band practice, to 3-yr-old time-outs and nightmares, to a very squirmy-all-over-the-place-and-crawly baby, I’m not feeling all that young!

So I’ve come up with a solution that could work for everyone. My parents can come stay with us for a few weeks. They can let the kids work their “make us younger”  magic on my parents.

Then dh and I can go on our own vacation and regain some of our energy!

Now I just need to find the cash and convince my parents….