Dry Spell.

You know when you have tons of stuff you could blog about? Or some really funny stuff? And you just can’t decide what to talk about today?

Yeah, not me lately.

Maybe it’s ‘cuz I’ve been sick. Or my mental energy is going to silly Facebook games…I do have a pretty wicked farm, though.

I don’t know…I think I’m getting tired of the entrecard stuff and it’s taking its toll.

Hopefully I can come up with something interesting tomorrow.

4 comments to Dry Spell.

  • Lin

    I get like that too. I’ve got lots of stories inside, but none seem to formulate into words as I try to type. Those are my photo days.

    I’m weary of battling at the store, work, in the parking lots, etc. , and now, Entrecard. I’m too weary to even decide what to do. It makes my brain hurt and my heart sad to see it falling apart.

    Lins last blog post..Going Home

  • yup, I get those too. Except lately, I’ve buried myself behind so much work that I never get a chance to visit the blogs I like to, like yours.

    Perhaps I heard that EC comment subliminally… 🙂

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