Easter Week in Our Home.

A few years ago, my mom sent me an Easter book. It has 7 days worth of scriptures, each day a day in Christ’s last week. So it’s like we’re walking in his footsteps for a week. Then for every day, it has activities, games, or service projects. It’s really neat. I think this will be our 4th year.

On a few days (like Thursday-Passover), it lists the type of foods Christ likely ate and incorporates food into the lesson.

It’s so fun because it teaches the kids the more serious side of Easter and also teaches them who He was. Especially the foods.  It makes the whole “story” real. And when all the Easter bunny stuff is behind them, they’ll still have a week of Easter stories, foods, and activities to enjoy.

So on Thursday, I’m going to list the Passover foods and the recipes so you can try them out, too.