Uh-Oh…Time to Get the Gate UP!

Baby boy learned how to crawl up stairs today!! I was sitting on the floor and knew he was there, but didn’t realize he was 2 stairs up getting a bag of plastic Easter eggs.

I took him down, and of course, up he went again. And giggled at me. “Hah, mom! Look what I can do!”

Oh, and now ds1 is calling him “Bean” (rhymes with Dean) 😀

We had our Passover dinner last night with a friend and his daughter (she’s 18). His wife couldn’t make it unfortunately but I was happy they came. We had the typical Passover foods…fruit & nut mixture (haroset), bitter herbs (maror), roasted eggs (beitzah) and unleavened bread (matzah).  I lit candles and we sat on the floor. His dd had to leave after a bit and then I sent Gab and the boys upstairs and the 3 of us just talked for awhile. It was really a nice night.

They’re coming back tomorrow (Saturday) night to have the Jerusalem dinner we always do the night before Easter and go over the scriptures/stories for that. We’re having fish, chicken, cucumber salad, cheese, olives and grapes. All of which are typical foods eaten 2000 years ago at meals.

Tomorrow morning I’m in charge of and egg hunt at church for the kids. 2 families aren’t gonna make it, so I only had to buy and fill 20 dozen eggs (one for each kid).  Other wise it would have been 29 dozen 😀 I was smart and delegated the food and invitations out, so I only have to do the eggs.

Hopefully tonight dh and I will be able to get out without the kids to get their Easter bunny stuff.

I love this week before Easter…it makes the day that much more special and fun.