Iiiiiit’sss Friiii-daaaay!!!


It’s Friday. Not Monday. Which is good. Fridays are good. Not as good as Saturdays, but better than Mondays.

We have a family movie night at church tonight (Johnny Ling0-which was originally an old Mormon movie, but redone to modernize it–it’s out to rent). So that’ll be fun.

Due to Pierce’s nightmare issue, he is now sleeping in the baby’s room on a futon mattress. He flat out refuses to sleep in his room anymore.  Apparently he doesn’t have nightmares when he sleeps in my room on the floor or in his sister’s bed (during the day when she’s not home).

So last night at 9:15 pm, dh and I decided it’s not worth it. If he’s that scared, he can sleep somewhere else. A phase is a phase and he’ll grow out of it. And if not, in another year, baby Dean will be moving up to his room in bunk beds anyway and Pierce’ll want to go with him. So problem solved. No more screaming fits at night!

So today’s Friday. I’m so glad it’s Friday.