Almost off the Bottle!

Baby boy is 10 1/2 months and I’m finally getting him off the bottle. I’ve tried before a few times, just giving  him a cup, but this time I decided it was final.

Last week I put apple juice in a cup and still let him have the bottle for milk. After a week of getting used to the cup, I gave him his cup with milk in it Tuesday evening and it went ok. But he still got his bottle at bedtime.

Yesterday he only got the cup up until bedtime, when he still got his bottle. He didn’t drink nearly as much as normal, but he ate more. I remember Pierce doing the same thing every time we switched (bottle to cup, cup to straw). So I know it’s just a passing thing. Not worried.

So today is day 2 of no bottle (except bedtime). Hopefully he’ll drink a little more today and be more used to it. He’s not a fussy kid or high maintenance (unlike his brother) so I think this will be a relatively quick transition.

Dd was gradual with the switch. I did it by 11 months with her. Pierce liked his cup at 6 months, so we switched by 7 months.

Just the first of many transitions and changes! Off the bottle by 1, off the pacifier by 2, potty trained by 3.  One big thing a year is enough 😀