What a Trip…no pun intended.

Yesterday we were walking out of our local pharmacy (me and the boys). It’s the kind of place where they know you by name, your kids, what’s going on in your life, etc. Very friendly and nice people.  We walked out and went towards the post office.

I yelled out to Pierce, who was running ahead on the sidewalk, to be careful and not run into the parking lot.  He stopped and turned around to acknowledge me. Then he took a step…right down 3 hard concrete steps. He rolled a bit then landed at the bottom right on his forehead. For a brief second I hoped he’d be ok.

Then I took a closer look. He had a big scrape on his head and it was starting to bleed. He also had a scrape on a leg (where it hit the edge of the step) and one on the opposite knee. I sat next to him on the step and hugged him then carried him (and the baby) back into the pharmacy to get some first aid spray. (Our bottle we had expired.)

They saw us walking in and immediately came to us asking what happened, seeing the obvious. The cashier took the baby from me so I could take care of Pierce better and we went up to the counter. Another lady got us a wet paper towel so I could clean the boy off and after a couple minutes we were ready to go. The cashier carried Dean and my purchase to the car for me.

When we got home, Pierce said his owies were feeling better. But they certainly don’t look better. Poor kid.