They Might Keep Us.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we’re off to the National Zoo in D.C. for the day. Paul asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day and this was my activity of choice.ย  Mother’s Day, to me, is a day to celebrate being a mom so I like to do family stuff instead ofย  “just me” stuff.

Not that I would object to babysitting coupons or a date night coupon.ย  But I’d just save them for next weekend. So the zoo it is this year.

Dean will have the opportunity to see the wild animals besides his brother and sister for the first time.

Pierce hasn’t been in 2 years and he was sick-ish the last time and we were all miserable because he threw a massive fit and we couldn’t stay long. We were there doing a school project for Gabby so we did what we had to do and took off.

I’m very curious what animals will attract each kid. I’m guessing Pierce will like the monkeys. Dean will like anything that looks like a cat or dog. Gab usually likes everything.

So wish us luck. Hopefully they won’t keep us there.