Everyone knows I have 2 little boys at home all day. Dean will be turning ONE in a few weeks and Pierce will be 4 in July.

This leaves me with limited time on the computer each day.

And unfortunately I’ve been distracted by Facebook. Which is why I haven’t been doing my duty upkeeping this blog like I had in the past.  If you’re on FB, you’ve no doubt seen games advertised there. And friends will at some point try and get you into their game. They make more money that way. It’s a smart system.

So one of my brothers got me on Street Racing. A friend got me on Farm Town. And another friend got me on YoVille. And these games are addicting!!

In Farm Town, you have a little farm you plow, plant & harvest. And the more you plant and harvest, the more money you make and you go up in levels. Gradually you unlock new crops, trees, animals, barns, ponds, etc.

YoVille is a little city that you have an apartment to decorate. You “go to work” every 6 hrs, earning money to decorate your apt, buy clothes, etc. When you make and save enough money, you can also buy a house. I bought a trailer and named it “Wicked Awesome.”

Street Racer is a car racing game. You can buy new racing cars, parts, and race people for money and points. Once again, the points unlock new items.

It all sounds rather juvenile (and it is) and when I play these games, I always wonder who the other people are. Is “Slick” really a 60-year-old single bald and fat? Or is he 20 and hot? Or 15 with braces ignoring his homework?

But we all need distractions. We all need a fantasy world. A place to get away from the stresses of life and just play.

And I dare you to play for a week and not get hooked.