Baby Shower

A friend at church is pregnant, due the first week of June.

Our Girl’s Night group decided we would throw her a diaper shower, complete with big diaper cake. We thought of this back in January or February.

Someone else (that doesn’t come to Girl’s Night ‘cuz she chooses not to, not b/c she’s not been invited) threw her one before ours. So today was that shower. Complete with diaper cake 😀

Normally this might irritate me, but the pregnant friend is a great person and diapers will be much needed for her. So the girl’s night group and I just had a laugh over it and our friend will get a kick out of a surprise shower we’re having.

She thinks our next Girl’s Night (a week from now) is just that, but it really is the surprise shower. So I hope she’ll enjoy all the diapers!