The “Buy Black” Movement

If you’re not familiar, read this.

Basically, a black couple started an experiment to only shop from black store owners/businesses.

I don’t mind that. Minorities typically support themselves and other minorities.  What bothers me is that it’s now a “movement.” A movement! Isn’t this what happened in the 1930’s in Germany when non-Jews weren’t allowed to shop at stores owned by Jews??

Most of you know I’m Mormon. This is a minority religion in our area. Very small group. But not so much the case when I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. What would happen if all the Mormons there decided only to shop from other Mormons? I guarantee there would be a big fuss over it. California Liberals would storm the city with major screaming and feet-pounding tantrums.

This is a destructive path. This is a movement that tears this melting pot we call the USA apart.  Groups will split. People will get angry. I’m sure there will be white people saying, well, if they’re doing, we will, too! Then other groups may join. Can you imagine Chicago if this happens? Or if the movement spreads throughout the country?

Like I said, it doesn’t bother me if individuals want to only shop from their own race (although I do call that racist). If you want to be racist on your own, that’s your thing…wrong thing, but your thing.  But putting it into a movement  to tear people apart is also very wrong.

If I’m missing another pov, enlighten me. I’m open to hearing other sides. But from where I sit, this is a dividing issue.